San Jose Kitchen Remodel

A local kitchen remodeling contractor, with vast project expertise in redesigning the existing layout, installing an island, cabinets & new flooring for improving upon functionality.

We’re local experts in kitchen remodeling in San Jose, CA, installing all the latest appliances, fixtures, fittings & accessories that make food preparation easy, effortless and enjoyable. We help an old kitchen become more spacious, extra functional and increasingly user-friendly, with the installation of all the modern fittings, such as international-quality tapware, faucets, sinks, wash basins, countertops, wooden laminate flooring, backsplash, wall tiles and ambient lighting that make any outdated space looking glowing, glittering and brand new.

Helping Old Kitchens Become Increasingly User-friendly & Functional

It is through our custom kitchen remodeling services, we help an aging kitchen that was lacking in space & functionality, become increasingly spacious and user-friendly throughout, with the installation of new fittings, accessories and appliances. First, we create a 3D design of the entire kitchen layout, and thereafter jump into the action, by tearing down old walls, partitions, flooring and outdated fittings, thereby installing the modern kitchen accessories. At Herman Remodeling, we understand your specific design & space related needs for your home kitchen, the choice of materials, fittings & fixtures and thereafter go for installing them in the most professional manner. We also look into the core plumbing part as well as fit all the electrical fixtures, including the pendant lamps and LED lights. This is how an old, aging & outdated kitchen is given a new lease of life through our custom remodeling techniques that is able to change the look, style and overall functionality of a food preparation area, thus making it increasingly usable. So, why not call us at (408) 797-0417 and get to learn how we transform home kitchens and make it more user-friendly and an amply spacious home working zone. In the process, we install a new backsplash that blends with the ambiance, modern taps, faucets, sinks and all the latest kitchen appliances, including a dishwasher, a BBQ grill oven and a full-size refrigerator.

An Outdated Kitchen Space Requires A New Island Design

An island is the key to any home kitchen. It consists of a central working zone with a stone countertop, a wash basin or a sink for cleaning purposes, a tap and wooden storage cabinets just below it for storing all the daily-use kitchen essentials, consisting of the jars, utensils, bottles and cans. And, when we undertake a San Jose kitchen remodel project, we ensure that a new and a more efficient island is designed. It can be an L-shaped, U-shaped, Peninsula style, one-wall or a Galley-style island, as per the space availability and your design preference of the client. This is how we help fully transform an outdated food preparation area that was lacking in a modern design layout, appliances, utilities, fixtures and fittings. After we’ve completed the project with the installation of a brand-new island with granite, quartz or marble countertop, it is now definitely a place where you can invite your friends for a dinner or party with your family members over the weekend. This is how a stylish design kitchen island with all the latest functionalities and improvements can change the look of our outdated cooking space and help any user enjoy his/her cooking, without feeling bored or monotonous. You can contact us right away for FREE quotes, and get to learn how we professionally install a stylish looking kitchen island that is increasingly functional and stylish in appeal.

San Jose Kitchen Remodel

Types Of Kitchen Remodel

Galley style kitchen Kitchens similar to cruise ships & hotels
L-shaped kitchen Residences with limited kitchen space
U-shaped kitchen For modern city homes with an open feel
Peninsula kitchen A T-shaped long island design in the middle
One-wall kitchen Apartments with scarce & very little space

A Smart Food Preparation Area That Help Increase The Resale Value

It is without any doubt that a newly remodeled kitchen is able to increase the resale value of an existing property by almost 23-28%. Any prospective homebuyer looks for three important things while buying a property. One is the condition of the kitchen, second is the bathroom and last is the roofing. If all of these areas in a home are found to be OK and in a perfect shape, the buyer is willing to pay the desired amount. In this way, you’re not only able to recoup the full investment made while remodeling your kitchen, but at the same time earn a huge profit margin by selling your house. As the kitchen or food preparation area is the most important part of any house, it must be remodeled in a way to look stylish, feel spacious and user-friendly to the core. In this way, a property owner is able to fetch the desired price for his/her home, when the kitchen is in a proper shape, with all the latest accessories, fittings, fixtures and appliances that make it a highly usable and workable home space for hours, without getting tired or bored. And, as a veteran kitchen remodeling contractor or general contractor, we understand this concept very well. This is how we help a homeowner get the best return out of his property, when thinking of selling it for earning a margin, by remodeling the entire kitchen and changing its overall layout.

FAQs About Kitchen Remodel in San Jose

Yes, you would require a local government permit for a kitchen renovation, if you perform any kind of structural changes or modification to the overall layout, by adding new plumbing lines, tearing down walls & partitions. Else, only clinical changes do not require a permit.

Certainly! We install all kinds of ambient lighting & LED illumination of the ceiling and walls of a kitchen, so that the place is optimally illuminated, with nothing too harsh or irritating to the eyes and senses.

It is all up to you, depending upon your style and design preferences. A majority of homeowners prefer installing stainless steel sinks, as it matches and contrasts beautifully with granite, marble & quartz.

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