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A local general remodeling company, specializing in renovating, upgrading and transforming an old residence into a new one. This is done by adding space, functionality, design & user-friendliness.

We’re a full-service & certified general contractor, based out of San Jose, CA, offering a complete and custom remodel of a kitchen, bathroom, designing & building a new ADU or making specific home/room additions. In all our home remodeling projects, we look into the interiors and exteriors of a house that has become outdated, worn-out and which is lacking in functionality. Our engineers, planners, designers and architects help carve out extra living space within an old property and also give it a complete facelift and upgrade. This is how we remodel any aging residential space.

Our Remodeling Services in San Jose

Kitchen Remodeling in San Jose

Kitchen Remodel

Custom kitchen layout redesign by carving out new space for installing a modern kitchen island, with cabinets.

Bathroom Remodeling in San Jose

Bathroom Remodel

A full bath layout upgrade for utility & functionality improvement. We install new floors, bath fittings, vanity & sinks.

ADU in San Jose


Fully approved & permitted ADU construction via garage conversion that helps add space within an existing property.

Home Additions in San Jose

Home Addition

Customized home addition for getting access to extra living space through bump-out addition & storeroom conversion.

Welcome to Herman Remodeling - A Company That You Can Trust

At Herman Remodeling, we’re a fully certified & licensed San Jose general contractor, offering a diverse range of home improvement services to all our local customers and homeowners. When you feel that you living space has become outdated in style, cramped in space, dull & boring in appeal, low in functionality and minimal in user-friendliness, you can always think about us for helping you get a credible solution that can provide comfort, space, luxury, appeal and style for years to come. We have a team of highly experienced structural engineers, architects, planners, interior designers and handyman workers that work on any project according to a game-plan and achieve the desired results in a short span of time. You can always call us at (408) 797-0417 and look for more ideas regarding your custom home remodeling project. We would be more than happy to assist and answer all your project related queries.


A Certified Contractor For Custom Home Remodel in San Jose

We’re a locally certified general remodeling company, specializing in customized home improvement and living space upgrades for outdated, aging, monotonous looking & dull residences that have become low in functionality, space & style over the years.

Layout Design

Our custom layout-design plan is first created on a 3D design software, and then executed on the ground.


We create a new floor plan in such a way that it helps in getting extra space for modern utility installation.

Project Implementation

With our engineers & planners, we make it a point to flawlessly implement and execute a project on-time.

Benefits of Home Remodel

Benefits Of A Custom Home Remodel

FAQs About General Remodeling in San Jose

To a certain extent, Yes! For any kind of structural changes, modifications, layout upgrades, space enhancement or general remodel, you need approval from the concerned government authorities that issue such construction permits. Without which, any new construction on an existing property is deemed illegal.

It is because an experienced & licensed general contractor with vast project expertise is able to successfully remodel your home, as per your exact design, style and space requirements.

Yes, we do. We perform all kinds of home interior & exterior renovation that adds space, user-friendliness, style & functionality to a living area that has grown old and become worn-out.

We can start the design process usually within a day or two after an agreement is finalized or signed. The design process and material selection can take quite a bit of time, so the sooner we start, the better it is for you.

San Jose General Contractor

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