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Are you feeling cramped after living in your old home for all these years? Do you want to give your guests all the comfort they need? Well, in such cases, our home addition services in San Jose are just perfect for you! If you want to increase the space to your existing rooms, build brand new rooms or build an entire new level, call us today to know more about our home addition services. We have the skill and experience necessary to work in an efficient way. Whether you need a simple addition constructed to just add a little more space, or whether you want to create a comfortable and spacious room that delights and impresses, together we can make it happen.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

At Herman Remodeling, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are a fully insured company and that protects you and your home while we work on your new home addition. Our warranties also protect you even after the project is completed. When we are done, you would have a new home addition in San Jose that perfectly suits your unique personality and definite requirements, and gives your guests an impression they won’t forget.

Our Process

Each member of our team has worked on a variety of projects and across multiple disciplines. This means they know their own job as well as everyone else’s job on the team. This enables us to complete projects faster without any stress, and without wasting much time or money. We ensure that the new home addition that’s completed on time, every time.

Our general contractors in San Jose team also ensures that not a single detail, no matter how minute they might be, ever gets overlooked. Our technicians work on your new home addition with a high level of dedication and commitment. We would even clean the project area  after we are done for the  day so you don’t have any mess to worry about.


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