San Jose Home Addition

A local remodeling contractor, specializing in custom home addition services, by extension sideways, on the front, in the rear, from within and by building above the house.

We’re experts in making room addition, by the way of interior conversion techniques like bump-out addition, ground floor conversion, storeroom conversion, second storey addition, dormer & attic conversion. In this way, we help add new space to a home that is somewhat cramped due to the installation of additional fixtures and furniture, apart from a growing family. We first create a 3D design plan, map out the floor layout, and thereafter carry out a space addition service, by extending outwards, upwards or within.

Home Addition Is Quite Effective Through A ‘Bump-Out’ Construction

Today, a majority of homes that are suffering as a result of space scarcity are now going for a home addition service, here in California, as there’s ample space available to extend outwards. And, one such construction method is a bump-out addition that can extend outwards on either side of the house, or both. The whole new construction rests over cantilevers or beams, without touching the ground. In this way, a significant cost-saving is achieved, as there’s no need for pouring a new foundation. At Herman Remodeling, we’re the local experts in interior conversion and room addition, wherein we use the latest techniques in adding extra square footage and space. wooden, concrete or metal beams are inserted in an inside-out manner, over which the entire new construction rests. But here you need to keep in mind that a bump-out addition is able to achieve only a meager 2’-3’ of additional area, as you cannot extend anything beyond that space, maximum being 4’-5’. That too, if you want to create a new balcony, attached to your bedroom. So, if you’re thinking about making your master bedroom a little bigger or adding a laundry just beside a room, a bump-out works. You can call us at (408) 797-0417 and ask for more such information about space addition.

A Custom Home Addition Through Attic & Dormer Conversion

As very few homes in California have basements, it is an attic and dormer conversion that a majority of them goes ahead with. It is easy, cost-effective and productive. As there are children in almost every home, there’s always a need for plenty of space where they can move around, chit-chat and play their hearts out , without disturbing you. And what better than an attic or a dormer to be converted into a spacious bedroom or kid’s play area, where your lovely little ones can spend hours at a stretch, without being bothered or disturbed. And, it is our custom San Jose home addition techniques that help in one such space conversion, which is able to achieve that extra living area within a house. So, why not think of converting your unused lying attic into a new bedroom for kids or add a new dormer for converting it into an exclusive play zone for your little ones. Homes in California are increasingly opting for these two options, when it comes to ‘clinical’ home and room addition. It is quite effective, budget-friendly and looks into the aspect of carving out that extra room for free movement, without having to build new outside, by pouring foundation. You can always contact us for FREE quotes or speak with one of our project consultants for getting to know  more about our specialized home addition procedures, methods and techniques that help get additional and functional dwelling space at your existing home.

San Jose Home Addition

Types of Home Addition Services

Second-storey addition Adding a new floor above the existing house
Bump-out addition Sideways extension for a bedroom or bath
Sunroom addition New room extending into in the lawn
Storeroom conversion Converting a storeroom into a new living area
Dormer addition Rear or front dormer addition

A Perfect Way To Get Access To New Living Area

Yes, when you’re tight on your budget, yet at the same time finding ways to get access to new living areas for a spacious, comfortable and a relaxed lifestyle, a home addition is the perfect way to do so. Even though one such addition is not able to get a huge amount of space as an ADU does, it to an extent solves the problem of space scarcity at home. Through one such ‘clinical’ room addition, you can get a new balcony, aan extended bedroom, a bigger living room into the patio or for that matter a space for an armoire or a large wall-fitted cupboard. Lase, a new space fit for a laundry or a small home gymnasium with few workout equipment. This is exactly how a home addition is able to carve out new space, literally out of nowhere. The best way to do so, is through an interior conversion, ground floor conversion, attic conversion or a storeroom conversion, within. It is quite effective for those homes that are planning for new furniture installation or utilities that are not able to fit easily in the existing space. And, one such ‘technical’ addition is perfect for helping homeowners get some extra amount of space.

FAQs About Home Addition in San Jose

While local zoning laws will inevitably vary, you should always check to see if any restrictions pertain to your property. Depending on the goal of the project, a home addition or a room addition can add substantial space to your house.

Room additions can add more usable space to your home. Whether you add a sunroom, a new garage or an extra bedroom, home additions add square footage and usability to your house.

Yes, an interior conversion project is a part of a room addition, as it involves creating new living space within a house, by the way of converting and expanding.

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