San Jose Bathroom Remodel

A local bathroom renovation expert, specializing in transforming an old & outdated home refreshment area and making it look new again with all the modern fixtures & bath fittings.

We’re specialists in bathroom remodeling, redesigning old & outdated home refreshment areas into modern interiors that portray a glamorous, spacious, luxurious, glittering, fully functional and a truly user-friendly refreshment space. In the process of renovation, we install new bath fixtures like a walk-in shower with a tinted glass enclosure, a sunken bathtub, a toilet, slip-resistant tiles, a vanity, ambient lighting, LED back-lit mirrors, steel rails, undermount sinks and more. This is how we go about fully transforming a worn-out home bathing space.

Bathrooms That Are Old Show Signs Of Deterioration

All old & aging bathrooms begin to show signs of deterioration, and you need to pick up those signs early, and go for a remodeling of the space that has become dull, boring, worn-out and cramped. When you notice visible signs of damage like uprooted wall tiles, moss, mold, algae, fungus & mildew growth in the corners, rough tile surface, spots & stains on the walls, watermark on the glass, rust or fungus infestation   on the steel or metal tapware, faucets and shower heads, etc. it is the time to think about a bath remodel. At Herman Remodeling, we’ve got experts for transforming aging home bathing spaces into modern home interiors that reflect your lifestyle and living standards. In the process of remodeling we change the full floor layout, install new fittings, add modern accessories and luxury fixtures that help transform any old bathroom into a luxury area that is perfect for daily relaxation. In fact, your first time guests and visitors at home would be impressed to see the look and overall style of your bathroom. This is how we upgrade and renovate an old home interior, especially an aging bathroom that portrays some clearly visible signs of wear & tear, surface degradation and erosion which needs to be immediately taken care of. As a homeowner, you can call us at (408) 797-0417 and look for more ideas regarding bath layout redesign and improvement, by speaking with one of our project consultants.

Home Bathrooms Must Be Remodeled After 10-12 Years

It becomes imperative to remodel your home bathroom after a gap of 10-12 years, because during this time frame, a bathroom suffers the maximum wear & tear of the surface, apart from the corners and the joints of the tiles. If the glaring issues are neglected for long, it can result in further deterioration of the space, thus inviting costly repair work. So, if you’re seriously considering a San Jose bathroom remodel after the said time-frame, always look for our professional services, as we’re a veteran in this exclusive home renovation arena. We efficiently and seamlessly remodel outdated bathrooms that have grown old and have got loose fittings, broken tiles, rust infested tapware, clogged drains, leaking pies and faulty plumbing fixtures, apart from stain infested plastic and ceramic fixtures. A full remodeling of the bathroom is required to reinstate the lost glory, shine and texture of the bathing space that is somewhat portraying a dull and boring look. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get your aging bathroom fully restored and made even better than before, by adding extra space, new bath fittings and luxury bath accessories. You can contact us now for FREE quotes and learn more about our custom bathroom renovation & redesign services that can help you get a better understanding of our design process.

San Jose Bathroom remodel

Types Of Bathroom Remodel

Master bath renovation Extensive changes in overall design & layout
Cosmetic remodel It involves redesign & upgrade of a specific portion
Floor plan remodel Changing the entire floor layout of bathing space
Laundry bath remodel ‘Two-in-one’ bath utility design-plan & style
Small bath remodel Focussing only on the essential utility aspects

Important Benefits Of Bathroom Remodeling

First of all, a full or complete bathroom remodeling is able to add resale value to an existing property, as any prospective home buyer looks forward to purchasing a house that has got a newly remodeled bathing or refreshment space. This is because no homebuyer would look forward to buying a property where he/she needs to spend something on renovation. Be it the kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom. Therefore, homes that have a fully remodeled bathing space tend to fetch more price than those which are old or in a bad shape. Secondly, a full bath remodel project is able to enhance the usability, aesthetic appeal, style, functionality, free moving space, storage space and layout-design of an old space. This is how an aging bathroom looks new again, with all the stylish new fittings and modern accessories that easily make it a place where one can spend hours, relaxing before the start or a hectic day or after spending a full day at the office. These are probably two best reasons, as to why an old bathroom needs to be remodeled and the benefits associated with one such remodel project at home. It not only adds monetary value but increased space, luxury, style and enhanced user-friendliness, which makes it easy for every member in a family, irrespective of age, to use one such newly remodeled space.

FAQs About Bathroom Remodeling in San Jose

Yes, you do! If it is any kind of structural modification, layout design change, plumbing & electrical lines installation, etc. it does require necessary permits for the local issuing authority. Any new construction, expansion or upgrade without a permit is deemed illegal, except for clinical changes.

Here, it depends upon your requirement and budget-in-hand. If the condition of your bathroom is beyond any kind of repair, go for a full bath remodeling and renovation. Else, only a partial remodel would do.

It is by installing a vanity or open shelves on the walls. A wall-fitted vanity can help store all the bath essentials like toiletries in a concealed manner, whereas, you can keep the daily use items on the open shelves. Vanity helps in decluttering a bathing space.

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