San Jose ADU Construction

An expert in custom ADU design & construction, specializing in building backyard cottages in the form of attached & fully detached units that help solve the problem of space.

We’re a specialist ADU contractor, as we help obtain all the necessary permits & approvals from the Building & Safety Department, before constructing one such accessory dwelling unit. We build attached, detached and Junior ADUs. One such unit can serve the purpose of a Granny Flat, a home office, a rental accommodation, an in-law suite or a fully detached backyard cottage that can function as a gymnasium or a kid’s recreational area. This is how a home is able to add on square footage and living space, without having to buy a new property for accommodating its growing family size or new  members at home.

Why Do ADUs Have Become Necessary In The Present Context?

Simply put it this way. As families grow in size, there’s always a need for an increased amount of living space at home. It can only be fulfilled by expanding sideways or building upwards. But, what if the need for space is something more in order to comfortably accommodate the new family members, add new appliances & furniture and provide a luxurious living to your loved and near ones, by keeping the aspect of scalability in mind. In this context, an ADU is the only viable option and solution for such growing families in all big cities of the US. And, we at Herman Remodeling are always up to the task, helping you get that ample amount of living space within your existing property or premises, by designing and constructing a new unit, either in an attached or detached form. Such secondary dwelling unit construction is becoming increasingly popular among local city residences that are now frequently welcoming guests, as well as family members to their homes. Therefore, the need for extra square footage is always felt, by keeping privacy in mind. For example your parents or old grandparents coming to stay with you need a decent amount of privacy. It is for them, a detached ADU suits perfectly well. Same goes with your adolescent teens that come back after graduating from college. So, you can always call us at (408) 797-0417 and learn more about our ADU construction & design techniques by speaking with one of our project consultants.

ADUs Precisely Serving the Need For Additional Dwelling Space

This is perhaps the best way to get access to new and extra living space within an existing property, as one such specialized construction is able to add on a functional living area. Whether it is an attached ADU or detached ADU by converting a garage, a backyard cottage, an above-the-garage ADU or an independent Granny Flat, the bottom-line is that it helps in securing or carving out home living space, without having to buy a new house. Even though one such construction might be cost-intensive initially, it is certainly going to pay rich dividends in the years to come. With a San Jose ADU construction, your property is definitely going to fetch a greater return and price appreciation, when you think of selling it for earning a heft margin. This is the reason why a majority of homeowners in this Californian city are building accessory dwelling units and JADUs for getting a desired value for their existing house or property. Most importantly, it is the aspect of functional living space that literally forces a homeowner into thinking about constructing one such attached or detached unit for gaining access to extra square footage for a comfortable, luxurious and spacious living for years, with the installation of all the new furniture fittings, accessories and appliances. So, why not contact us right away and ask for FREE quotes.

San Jose ADU Construction

Different Types Of ADUs

Attached ADU Fully attached to the main building
Detached ADU Stand-alone or separate from the main unit
Garage converted Converting old garages into Regular ADUs
Above-the-garage ADU Building above garage, by strengthening the walls
Interior conversion ADU ADUs carved out from within house interiors

Important Benefits Of Having An ADU

First and foremost, an ADU at a property is able to easily solve the problem of space scarcity, by helping a homeowner get access to new living areas and extra square footage for spreading arms and legs. It is essentially required at a home that has a large family and where there’s a scope of growing in the future. Keeping this thought perspective in mind, such homes are going for building custom ADUs, either by converting old garages that were lying idle or by constructing one such unit over an existing garage. Else, simply by building new by laying foundation on the ground, especially in the backyard of a home. And, the other most important benefit is the value or price appreciation  that you get by having one such extra or secondary dwelling unit within your existing property premises. Prospective homebuyers are willing to pay the desired amount for your home, and in this way you’re able to earn a good margin and income by selling your house. Though it is a capital-intensive investment initial, it pays off and you’re able to recoup the amount. It is a perfect Return-On-Investment, considering the value that it is able to fetch for you. Statistics reveal that properties with ADUs are able to get 45-50% value appreciation.

FAQs About ADU Construction in San Jose

Although cities and counties are mandated to permit ADUs and JADUs, they are not required to adopt ADU and JADU ordinances. The bottomline is, you must have a permit from the local government authorities for starting any ADU construction work on your property.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, also known as a granny flat or in-law suite, is a living unit that may be as small as 500 sq. ft. and up to 1200 sq. ft. in size. An ADU is an accessory living unit built on a single-family or multifamily residential building, wherever such developments are permitted.

A JADU which is permitted to approximately 500 sq. ft. in size can have a small food preparation area, including a sink or a wash basin, but it is NOT allowed to have a private washroom or a bathroom.

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