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    About Our Company - Herman Remodeling

    At Herman Remodeling, we’re a highly experienced home remodeling contractor, offering customers a variety of space improvement, functionality addition, user-friendliness incorporation and style enhancement solutions. For years and decades we’ve been serving our customers with custom home upgrade solutions, when it comes to remodeling kitchens, renovating bathrooms, building ADUs or adding new rooms. We’ve a highly qualified, trained and experienced team of structural engineers, architects, planners, designers and handyman workers that transforms ideas into reality on the ground through their  high level of skills and expertise in this home construction domain.

    We Offer Fully Customized Home Remodeling Solutions

    Being a top-rated general home remodeling contractor based out of San Jose, CA, we completely transform outdated living spaces into modern, contemporary and stylish abodes through our customized home improvement and upgrade techniques. This helps in adding extra comfort level, luxury and aesthetics, though the incorporation of latest utilities & fixtures that easily makes any aging residence a better place to live in for a family. Call us right away for more information about our remodeling services.

    Quality Materials

    We use premium-grade materials in all our home remodeling projects, thus making a construction stand out.

    Technology Assist

    With our improved remodeling technology & engineering, we provide full technical support to vendors.

    Project Completion

    We’re fully committed to on-time project delivery for any scale of home improvement or space upgrade work.


    Our Project Approach

    In any home remodeling project, we follow a systematic approach. It involves making a site visit, inspecting the property, assessing the damage or condition, understanding the needs of homeowners, the budget, a project feasibility & evaluation and thereafter offering quotes to customers. This is as smooth as it can get. Once everything gets sorted out and finalized, we create a robust design-plan for whatever remodeling work is needed by the client. For example, if it is an ADU, we need to submit the plan for getting permits & approvals.


    Our Goals & Objectives

    As a premier home remodeling company in San Jose, CA, we strive to attain 100% perfection in all our home improvement projects and become the top 3 general contractors in California. With our team of highly experienced project engineers, interior designers, architects, planners and home builders, we are quite confident of achieving our goal of becoming one of the top-rated home remodeling contractors in this state. We know how to achieve this feat, and that is through continuous improvement in our quality of workmanship and through our commitment of on-time project delivery to all our esteemed clients.


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